{blogging, again}

  • Setting up a blog is much harder than I remember
  • I need better graphics… MUCH better than I can do in 30min on a Saturday morning
  • What the heck am I going to write about?
  • Why am I even doing this in the first place??

I used to blog, quite a bit…

I had a personal style blog which was the equivalent of a part-time job as far as time/effort went. I enjoyed curating an outfit, photographing it, editing the photos, creating the blog post, and publishing the post. I posted several times per week. I went to local blogging conferences to pick up new skills and ideas, and to meet other bloggers. I had dreams of monetizing my blog someday. Then, I enrolled in the online Fashion Merchandising Management program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and the blogging stopped. With my full-time course load (and full-time job!), I just didn’t have the time to focus on my blog the way I did before.

I hoped once I finished my program that I would pick it back up again. I got a job doing visual merchandising for an anchor store in an upscale mall – I didn’t need to “get dressed” (read: all black, all the time), so I didn’t bother. Then I moved on to a position in corporate retail where I was surrounded by beautiful, fashionable girls. I still didn’t pick the blog back up, simply because it was a long commute, stressful job, and I rapidly gained weight (stress, lack of sleep, poor eating habits) and didn’t want to photograph the evidence!

Fast forward two more jobs later: I’m still suffering through a long commute, I’m still stressed, and despite my best efforts, the weight isn’t going anywhere. I likely won’t post too many outfit shots – that ship has (mostly) passed. However, I have sorely missed the creative aspect of blogging. Since I get very little creativity in other parts of my life, here I am… trying it again.

My goal isn’t to gain a faithful following of readers. This is an opportunity for me to express myself creatively, whether that be writing, photography, planning adventures, reporting back on those adventures, curating a visual representation of a thought or feeling I’m having… this is my outlet. If you’ve made it to the end of this post, I applaud you. This was probably boring for you. If you skipped over the meat of this post straight to the end, I like your style.

Let’s be friends.


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