{exploration and empowerment}

This evening, I had the pleasure of finally spending some time with the (new) owner of my (old) yoga studio. A few weeks ago, I offered up my services and my time to help develop and implement a marketing for the yoga studio. I have been brimming with ideas for ways I could help, but needed the opportunity to sit down and learn about his mission, goals, and about the business as it stands right now. This meeting, and ultimately the entire project, serve two purposes:

  1. To help someone else! I have very little available time to commit to volunteering anywhere I’d like to donate my time (ie: petting cats at the animal shelter), so this is a wonderful way I can donate my time and skills to a small business I support; and,
  2. To gain recent and relevant experience in the field of digital and event marketing.

Full disclosure, I just spent the last 30 minutes getting completely sidetracked by this yoga studio project… ideas keep coming, and I have to give them attention when they materialize or else I’m afraid I’ll forget them! 

Anyway, long story short: I’m stepping out on a limb, here. I’m not an expert. I don’t even know if my ideas are the right ideas. I kind of feel like I have no business handing out marketing advice, being the novice that I am. On the other hand, my meeting this evening was so natural, fun, and productive, that I also kind of feel there isn’t any reason I shouldn’t be consulting on marketing strategies. I actually feel quite empowered, and can’t wait to see how this project goes!


Empowerment… definitely not something I expected to feel. But it’s giving me the courage to keep taking steps toward figuring out if this is something I should be doing full-time. Hopefully the steps will lead to throwing myself into the deep end to see if I sink or swim. I’ve always envied people who managed to turn their passion into a career AND continue feeling passionate. That’s the key, isn’t it? Anyone can turn a passion into a paycheck, but to continue loving that passion is a completely different story. I think once money gets involved, there’s a huge chance of putting too much weight on something that used to be simply for pleasure and resentment can creep in. I have the distinct feeling that the administrative side of owning and operating a studio are pulling my owner friend away from his passion for connecting with students through yoga. Hopefully I can help ease a portion of that administrative workload for him while finding something that I feel passionate about, myself. Then everybody can win, and that just sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?


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