{staying entertained}

Taking a career break means more than just sitting around. I have quite a bit planned for myself which is constructive and works toward the goals I’ve set for myself professionally, but the added benefit of taking a break is also having some time to relax and get caught up on the parts of life that are hard to keep up on as a full-time, working adult.

Let’s be honest – many people forget how to take care of themselves. It’s just as important to find time to commit to activities which feed your soul as it is to keep your life running. Don’t forget: YOU ARE STILL YOUR OWN PERSON, with interests, wants, and needs. It’s okay to be selfish! You work hard, you deserve it!


  • Clean your car
  • Clean your home
  • Get caught up on social media (Instagram and Facebook are my preferreds)
  • Go for a run (with a new friend)
  • Go for another run
  • Binge-watch something on Netflix
  • Read magazines (I have Women’s Health, Women’s Running, and Outside Magazine right now)
  • Read a book (I’m looking forward to digging into The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Kim Barker)
  • Snuggle with your cat (the therapeutic benefits are amazing!)
  • Go for a hike, take photos with that fancy camera you’ve been meaning to learn how to use…
  • Register for a women’s outdoor adventure weekend (I’ve chosen to participate in a women’s paddle and hiking weekend with the AMC in September)

The list could go on, really…

What are you doing to take care of yourself?


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