{august in a nutshell}

Look at that ladies and gents… this evening, August 2016 will be over! It was a very long, very stressful month for me. I was finally able to get some closure for a relationship that I ended a few months ago. I left my job, and rather than jumping right into another job that (let’s be honest here) I will probably hate, I’ve decided to spend a few months focusing on brushing up on some new skills and exploring career opportunities which will be a better long-term fit for me. Also in the month of August, I completed my second full month of half marathon training (which, admittedly, has been much easier to do now that I don’t have to squeeze my runs into the wee hours of the morning before work).

Whew! I. Am. Tired.

With regards to that half marathon training, there have been some ups and downs… Let’s start with some of the not-so-good stuff that happened this month so that I can end on a great note:

In the month of August, I unfortunately:

  • Got one blister on my heel (but only one!!) which is just… awful. Blisters suck…
  • Tripped stepping off a curb heading to the movies with girlfriends and pulled a muscle in my right leg (hence the unplanned rest day on the 15th)
  • Realized that I no longer have time or energy to go to Zumba on Saturday mornings… these long-runs are wiping me out!

But in much, MUCH better news, I also:

  • Purchased my first “real” pair of running shoes – I am a Nike girl, but went to my local running store, Millennium Running, and got fitted for shoes in a premptive strike against potential future injuries and ended up with the Asics GT 2000 in a fabulously bright hot pink, which makes my girly heart go pitter-patter
  • Ran in the Foam Glow with my original running pals (the ladies who joined me when I asked them to run one 5K each month with me September through December last year), and had a blast at the after party until the skies opened up to the most drenching rain I’ve ever experienced
  • Met new running pals through the Moms RUN This Town group in my area
  • Ran more than a 5K distance for the first time EVER (and have kept increasing mileage from there!)
  • My average pace has been improving! (When I run outdoors… I’m still slow on the dreadmill)
  • Purchased the Fitbit Blaze to replace my trusty Charge HR after it broke (RIP)
  • Finally got my Fitbit Aria scale to sync to the WiFi in my new apartment

I’m so relieved to see that the good has far outweighed the bad. I do think I have a tendency to be Debbie Downer, but I must say that I’m pretty damn proud of myself for getting through this month and coming out on top. NOW… let’s look ahead to my running, personal, and professional goals for September:


  • Keep up with the half marathon training
  • Keep kicking ass on long-run Saturdays
  • Figure out a fuel situation for long-runs
  • Incorporate more weights into my cross-training days
  • Listen to my body, and take a rest day if I think I need it
  • Start planning my costumes for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend (I’m going to be Kevin from Up for the Enchanted 10K, and Ariel from the Little Mermaid for the Princess Half Marathon)


  • Spend more time with my dad… I never see him, and there’s no excuse for this
  • Explore New Hampshire… get lost in the woods. Go for hikes. Take amazing photos
  • Enjoy other outdoor, fall activities (apple picking, corn mazes, apple cider donuts)
  • Volunteer my time


  • Start going to Toastmasters
  • Attend some local young professional networking events
  • Work on building my “brand” (whatever the hell that means)
  • Find a part-time job or some cool temp jobs where I can pick up some skills
  • Settle on and register for a course to get educated on Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

Looking at this list, it seems like an awfully tall order for one month… but I have to remind myself that since I’m not working, I have all the time in the world to dedicate to all of this. Having the time to get things done is so… freeing. I think everyone would benefit from taking a career break to focus on themselves for a bit. Obviously, money and health insurance are two big contributing factors to having the flexibility to take a break… but with a little planning, it’s totally manageable.

What are you goals for the month of September? Is there anything on your to-do list that has been nagging at you to be done? Why haven’t you tackled it yet?


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