{one year of running}

One year ago, I decided that I wanted to run at least one organized race (ideally a 5K) per month through the end of 2015. I got the idea from a friend, and totally stole it for myself… I figured, if anything, it’s a healthy thing to do. Right? I’ve been struggling with rapid weight gain that I experienced in 2014, and thought this might be the ticket to make me be more consistent with my workouts. Thankfully I had some friends who were willing to buy into my idea and run with me. Once we ran our final 5K of the year in December, the ladies didn’t want to run in the winter months… but I decided to keep going.

Once I decided to keep going, I started looking into races. I sat on my couch on an evening in December and registered to participate in the Millennium Running Series – a program that awards finisher’s jackets to everyone who has run the Marathon level (26.2 cumulative miles over 2016), Ultra level (40 cumulative miles), or the All-Millennium Team level (all Millennium Signature events). Let’s just say… this is one expensive jacket, and it’s the closest I’ll ever get to those nifty jackets they give to Boston Marathon finishers. Hah!

For the record, the “consistent workout” idea didn’t actually happen… I ran my 5Ks, and then didn’t run again until the next 5K. The turning point for me was in June at the Ribfest 5 Miler, when I spent a good deal of time chatting with a fellow runner about the Disney races I know she likes to do… once I got the idea in my head that I wanted to run Disney, I started training more regularly. Then I registered, and realized I really needed to get serious, and actually started a training plan.

Anyway… it’s September now. I’ve officially been running (regularly) for a year. In honor of one year of 5Ks, here are photos from each race I did.

September 2015: AFCEA 5K Run for STEM
Ahhh the first race… I finished in 45min. My slowest race, ever.

October 2015: Hallows Eve 5K
Honestly… does it get any better than dressing up as candy for a candy holiday?

 November 2015: Feaster Five
Normally I don’t wear race shirt on race day… but I liked the color so much, I couldn’t resist!

December 2015: Ugly Sweater Run
This was hysterical. SO many ugly sweaters…

January 2016: Snowflake Shuffle
This was a surprisingly beautiful day, considering it was the middle of January!

February 2016: Fat Tuesday 5K
Can I just say… it was MOTHER-EFFING COLD at this race, to the point of pain!

March 2016: St. Patty’s Day 5K
If you can’t tell, the shirt says “Pinch me and I’ll punch you.” And I meant it.

May 2016: Cinco de Miles 5K
You can’t see them, but I was wearing socks with sugar skulls on them… they’re the best socks, ever.

June 2016: Ribfest 5 Miler
“I run so I can eat” was highly appropriate for a race that terminated at a ribfest. And everyone loved my leggings. I do have awesome leggings…

July 2016: Lenexa Freedom Run
Registered for this race a whim… wasn’t going to run in July, but wanted to do a race in another state. I did this while visiting my grandparents in Kansas for the 4th of July. My grandma is the gorgeous spectator in pink in the background.

August 2016: Foam Glow 5K
This was a trip… glow necklaces, neon bubbles, and blacklights, oh my!

Next up:

  • September 2016: Halfway to St. Patty’s Day 5K
  • October 2016: Traveler Beer New England Half Marathon and CHaD Trick-or-Trot 3K
  • November 2016: Fisher Cats Thanksgiving 5K
  • December 2016: BASC Santa Claus Shuffle 3mi and Yule Light Up the Night 2.5mi

I can’t believe there are only four months left in this year, and 6 more runs that I’m registered for! For the record, I’m going to hit Ultra level for the Series… I’m looking forward to wearing my finisher’s jacket with pride (and, obviously, for bragging rights)!

What keeps you motivated to keep moving? Would you do a themed run just for funsies?


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