{road race: halfway to st. patrick’s day 2016}

Today was the Millennium Running Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day 5K road race in Manchester, NH. I registered for this race back in December when I decided to run the Millennium Series in 2016. A lot of ladies in the MRTT Facebook group mentioned that they PRed at this race – THAT got me really excited.

Would I be able to PR?

Leading up to the weekend, I was mildly concerned about my ability to complete this race – I ran 10mi the day before (my first time hitting double-digits!), which I hadn’t originally planned to do, but I had to shift my plans around a bit. I’ve been experiencing some hip and knee pain during and after my long runs. The day I ran 10mi I made sure to get up and walk it off and recently started foam rolling and stretching (I know… shame on me for not stretching before this).

Apparently I did a good job taking care of myself, because when I woke up the morning of this race, I was feeling really good. My muscles were great, my joints were happy, and I got a good night’s sleep. WINNING.


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run in the kilt they were handing out as race swag. I brought it home, hemmed it, and decided that the fabric wouldn’t breathe enough for me so I left it at home. I DID wear a shamrock headband that I made out of some too-small leggings I ordered online. Crafty runners are the best!


We were due for rain, so I put in some contacts instead of wearing my glasses. I basically was just hoping that we wouldn’t get thunder – I didn’t want the event to get cancelled! I want to keep running an organized event every month, and didn’t want to scramble to find a new one.

Let me pause for a moment to tell you how amazing Millennium Running races are. They put on events like a well-oiled machine. The on-site bib pickup and registration tables always run smoothly, they always start the race on time, the courses are well-planned, there are always plenty of port-a-potties, and the events are always fun!

I had signed up to volunteer at bib pickup this morning, so I was onsite at 8:00am and spent my time getting safety pins rigged up for grab-and-go and handed out kilts to registrants before I headed to the start line.


This race course is a steady slight incline with a steeper incline at the mid-way point, and then it’s entirely downhill to the finish line. I’d like to say I managed to run the entire race without walking, but that would be lying.

I started to feel rough going up that sharper incline in mile 2, so I gave myself a few yards to take a walk break and peel my wet shirt off (YEAH #SportsBraSquad), and then I walked for a bit to sip some water at the water stop. But once the course turned downhill, I told myself to suck it up and run all the way to the end.

I mean… why on earth would I waste the downhill like that?

So I powered through and crossed the finish line. My time?



I hit a personal record!

I’m slowly shaving time off my 5K – maybe it IS possible to break 30min? It didn’t seem possible a year ago. I’m not that motivated by time – I just want to be able to carry my own body across the finish line. But it’s these little wins that motivate me to keep going.


Next up is my first half marathon! New England Half Marathon, I will see you in October and I will be ready to rock!


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