{race costumes: ariel inspiration}

Ariel, of The Little Mermaid, is easily my favorite Disney Princess (with book-worm Belle as a close second!). Who doesn’t love her flaming red hair, her spunk, her imagination, and her natural curiosity? Besides, what little girl didn’t turn her t-shirt into a bra top and hang out on the coffee table like she was Ariel on that rock singing “Part of Your World” after saving Eric? (Don’t pretend this wasn’t you!)

littlemermaidgif.gifGIF Credit: GIPHY

Because Ariel is my all-time fave, I feel like I need to honor that by curating an outfit inspired by her for my runDisney Princesss Half Marathon in February 2017!

I’ve been doing lots of Googling and searching on Pinterest. I’ll be honest, Valleau Apparel really hit the target with this styled look:

valleau-apparel-little-mermaid-inspirationImage Credit: Valleau Apparel

The mermaid leggings, the purple sports bra with the white seashell print is just SO stinking cute. I love it!

But let’s be real… even though I recently joined the #sportsbrasquad, I’m still a little gun-shy about it and I’m not sure I want to run 13.1 miles in a sports bra. I just don’t know that I want all of my lumps and bumps hanging out for photographic evidence. Sad, but true! Also to consider, I get hot when I run and I DO prefer running in cooler temps, but this race is at the ungodly hour of 5:30am, and the average temps in Orlando in February are uninspiring, to say the least:

averages for orlando in february.JPGImage Credit: Holiday-Weather.com

Simply put: it could be cold. I don’t want to start 13.1 miles completely frozen! If I did, I’d run as Elsa. 🙂

So the hunt is on for a more appropriate outfit! A quick search of Valleau Apparel shows that they have cute seashell tanks, but they look like they’re made of cotton. NO. Cotton is a HUGE no-no! (Can you spell: C-H-A-F-E?) While that would be fine for walking around in the parks later in the day, it won’t make the grade for the race.

A search on Google for a moisture-wicking top with seashells printed on it shows that it doesn’t exist (Hmmmmmmmmm… business idea!!), so now I need to get creative.

Carlee McDot did a post this summer about an Ariel-inspired costume that she created for a race, and it’s super cute! It’s less stringent on the details (ie: seashell bra), but still tells the Ariel story and is totally recognizable:

flatarielImage Credit: Carlee McDot

And a search on Pinterest pulled up these ideas:

arielcostumeinspiration1Image Credit: Polyvore

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

I need to make sure that whatever I decide to run in, that I take it out for a test run. Same goes for my Kevin costume when it’s complete! Could be that Kevin will go for a spin in my local Halloween race, since that outfit involves a somewhat-large bustled tutu!

Have you ever run a race in costume? If you’re running at Disney, what character will you run as?



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