{skincare for runners: 9 products and how to use them}

Blood, sweat, and tears… you haven’t had a good run until you’ve experienced all three of these on the same run. That’s what they say anyway (whomever THEY are). I’m not sure I agree – I’d prefer not to bleed or cry when I run, but it happens, I guess.

WHAT happens, exactly? Well… all sorts of things. Blisters, chafe, scrapes, road rash, poison ivy, bug bites, hot spots, windburn, sunburn, and did I mention chafe?

I’m the Queen of Chafe. Let’s be real… I’m no stick figure. My thighs touch, as in: they never separate when I walk or run. They’re always smashed together, like two pigs in a blanket. They’re besties, my thighs:

pigsonablanketPigs ON a blanket… image courtesy of Zazzle

TMI? My apologies. But this is a real issue, and I’m a real runner with a real blog. So there you have it, thighs that touch = chafe. Besides, it could be worse. Google “bleeding nipples marathon” and let me know how you feel after you’ve seen things you can’t un-see.

In an effort to take care of my skin, here are the 9 things I keep in my arsenal to prepare for, or to treat my skin after a run, and how to use them:

  1. Gel deodorant/antiperspirant
    • For obvious reasons, to keep myself from sweating or smelling – my running buddies thank me
  2. Dry spray
    • I usually spritz the bend of my elbows, behind my knees, and the insides of my thighs – I’ll take any dryness I can get!
  3. Baby powder
    • Sometimes I sprinkle a little inside my socks
  4. Sunblock
    • Never forget your SPF, dudes and dudettes!
  5. Body Glide
    • Used to prevent chafe, I normally apply on the inside of my arms where they brush up against seams in my shirts, and the insides of my thighs
  6. Rash ointment
    • Used to treat chafe, when the Body Glide inevitably fails me
  7. Bandages
    • For scrapes and blisters, or to give a little cushion for hot spots
  8. Gauze pads
    • I use this to build a little buffer around my blisters if they haven’t popped yet
  9. Antibiotic ointment
    • To keep blisters and scrapes clean, obvi!

There you have it… the 9 most important products for keeping my skin happy, or for treating it when it’s not, and how I use them.

What do you use to keep your skin happy? Is there anything not on my list that I should try?



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