{september in a nutshell}

I fell off the wagon a little bit this month.

I know I’ve talked about motivation before… it’s hard. It’s really hard to stay motivated.


I was cruising along so fabulously, but then I accepted a full-time temp job (with my dream company), and I had that whole weekend in the White Mountains… I let things in my life derail my training plans. I think that’s okay.

I’m not a professional athlete – it’s not my job to run and train all of the time. Certainly no one is paying me to do any of this. If anything, I’m probably going broke with all of these race registrations, and the gear I’ve purchased.

So yeah… it happens.

I did manage to hit a PR this month at a road race – I knocked a minute off my 5K time. I’m pretty happy with that!


I bought another pair of sneakers, because I’ve already put over 100mi on the sneakers I bought in early August. They’ve seen a lot of trail days, and are pretty dirty and beat up already.


I’ve had some really great runs – specifically, 10mi with my running buddy before her half marathon. It felt like it went so much faster and easier than our other runs, because it was the first time we had cooler temps. It was lovely! And the realization that I ran 10mi… I still can’t believe I’ve gotten to double-digits. I never saw this happening for myself.


Also… I registered for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland in May 2017. I’m officially working towards the Coast to Coast medal in 2017! But I think after running Disney World in February, and Disneyland in May, I probably won’t do Disney again. It’s cost-prohibitively expensive when you factor in travel, meals, and park tickets on top of the race registration fee.


Here are the goals I set myself for the month of September, and updates on how they went:


  • Keep up with the half marathon training (I have, for the most part)
  • Keep kicking ass on long-run Saturdays (With the exception of having to rejigger my plans a bit, I haven’t missed a planned long run yet – just rescheduled them. Now I get to taper)
  • Figure out a fuel situation for long-runs (I tried pretzels and gummy bears. Undecided here)
  • Incorporate more weights into my cross-training days (When I actually cross-train, yes, this happened. I’m feeling stronger)
  • Listen to my body, and take a rest day if I think I need it (Lots of these took place)
  • Start planning my costumes for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend (I made my tutu for my 10K Kevin costume, and I made a skirt for my Ariel costume… but I bought other fabric, so I might make another skirt)


  • Spend more time with my dad… I never see him, and there’s no excuse for this (I saw him on his birthday. I think that was it this month)
  • Explore New Hampshire… get lost in the woods. Go for hikes. Take amazing photos (I had a lovely weekend in the Whites! More about that here, here, here, here, and here)
  • Enjoy other outdoor, fall activities (this hasn’t happened yet)
  • Volunteer my time (I volunteered at race day bib pickup for the Halfway to St. Patty’s Day 5K)


  • Start going to Toastmasters (Managed to make it to two meetings – it’s very interesting)
  • Attend some local young professional networking events (Nothing, yet)
  • Work on building my “brand” (Still don’t know what this means…)
  • Find a part-time job or some cool temp jobs where I can pick up some skills (I’m temping somewhere amazing!)
  • Settle on and register for a course to get educated on Adobe Photoshop and InDesign (I registered for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop – all courses are in the month of October)

Even if I’ve been less attentive to my training schedule, I do think the month of September has been productive, overall. The purpose of this career break is to use the time to become a more complete, well-rounded, happier human being.

I can confidently say that I’m getting there.

Goals for October: Enjoy some of those fall activities I love; Select and register for the final classes needed for my desktop publishing certificate; Survive my first half marathon on October 23rd.


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