{how-to: makeup on race day}

I never bother with hair or makeup for any of my training whether on the roads, on the trails, or at the gym. I’m not there to impress anyone. I’m certainly not there to meet men. No one is taking my picture (god help them if they are!), so what do I care if my hair is frizzy and I have dark circles under my eyes?

When it comes to race day, however, vanity is a bitch.

I’m always hoping the race photographers will be able to snap me levitating over the finish line looking victorious and FAB-U-LOUS (if a photographic evidence of me dragging my own body across the finish line doesn’t show up on Instagram, the race never happened!). Victorious and fabulous includes my face! For some reason, a big smile isn’t enough. I MUST do my hair and MUST wear makeup when I run an event.


Because makeup is my super suit! A super hero isn’t a super hero until she changes into her super suit. OBVIOUSLY. Haven’t you seen The Incredibles??

As someone who doesn’t normally wear a lot of makeup or fuss too much with my hair on a normal day, my race day look is actually very light. The key is to stay away from oil-based products, go water-proof whenever possible, and keep it simple!

Here’s what I do/use:

  • Braids or a big ol’ bun for my hair (to tame the frizz and keep it off my neck and out of my mouth)
    • BONUS: My hair retains an awful lot of heat, so in winter I can get away with wearing an ear band instead of a hat!
  • Waterproof mascara to keep my eyes looking open and awake (waterproof reduces the risk of it running down my face when I sweat)
  • Under-eye concealer to hide the dark circles (despite my best efforts, I never sleep well the night before a race!)
  • A touch of cream blush to battle the paleness (also due to lack of sleep the night before)
  • Optional:
    • Nail polish, because if Olympians can do it, so can I
      Image Credit: Simone Biles/Snapchat
    • Glitter on my cheekbones, because glitter makes me happy!
    • Bright lip stain, just for funsies! (lip stain is less likely to smear and look like the Joker)
      Image Credit: Screenrant.com

I’m not an insecure woman, but there’s something about putting my best face forward that helps motivate me on the course. You wouldn’t give a big presentation at work without looking your best, would you? (I’m sure there are women out there who just DGAF, all the power to you ladies!) I know I’m not the only woman out there who wears makeup to a road race!

Do you feel like a stronger runner on race day when you wear makeup? Why do- or don’t- you wear it?


Featured Image Credit: Pinterest/Musings of a Muse

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