{big dreams of presidential proportions}

I can’t help it. I can’t stop thinking about that weekend in the Whites. That AMAZING weekend in the Whites, where I kayaked and hiked and made friends. Where I realized that I don’t actually dislike trail walking on an incline (ie: hiking) as much as I thought.

Turns out the key is for me is hiking with the right crowd. Slow, chatty women, apparently.

I can’t stop thinking about much I enjoyed myself…

… or about how strong I felt…

… or about how adventurous I felt…

… or about how bad ass I felt.

I don’t know what it was about that hike up toward Tuckerman. I didn’t quite make it into the ravine, but I was ALMOST there. I was THISCLOSE to the top of Mount Washington. I wanted to hike it in 2016, but I wanted to hike it to the top. I didn’t do that this year, and I likely won’t.

I have to let my half marathon training take precedence right now – a hike that big is risky. In the best-worst case scenario I could roll an ankle (the worst-worst would be breaking something… or dying from exposure… you pick), and then all the hard work I’ve put toward this half marathon would be for nothing… not to mention the money I’ve invested in this activity (race registrations, proper running shoes, hydration vest, Bluetooth earbuds, adding music to my playlist, etc). And since this race is in the end of October, I just don’t want to hike Mount Washington that late in the year.

That’s… risky.

But now that I know more about this AMC hut system, I’ve decided that I want to do more than just hike Mount Washington next year. It’s a goal, to be sure, but it just got so much bigger than that.

I want to traverse the Presidential Range in 2017.

hiker-shuttle-map_2Image Credit: AMC

Yup, that’s right people. I want to get down with my bad self and hike the section of the Appalachian Trail that traverses some of the tallest peaks in New Hampshire. Have I completely fucking lost it? Perhaps.

I’m a novice hiker.

I can’t tell you the last time I had to use a compass and map to get anywhere (1. Probably when I was a Girl Scout, and 2. This is why humans invented GPS).

I only know basic first aid.

I definitely don’t shit in the woods.

But I can spend my winter hiking smaller mountains to build up stamina. I can take a class with REI or the AMC on compass and map skills, and also on first aid. I can overnight in AMC huts so that I don’t have to shit in the woods unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.

Methinks it’s important for me to select a goal to work toward this summer. I have the Princess Half Marathon and 10K in February in Florida and then the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in May in California (whoops… is this the first time I’ve mentioned that? Yeah… that happened).

So what better goal to train for between and after these half marathons than hiking the Presidentials in August or September of next year?

Have you hiked any of the Presidentials or stayed in the AMC huts? What did/didn’t you like about the experience?


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