{half marathon frame of mind}

I am 14 days away from running my first half marathon. I’m maybe borderline freaking out, but I think it’s only because I think I should be freaking out. I’m not really freaking out… but am I not freaking out enough?

What kind of crap is that? Does that even make sense?!

Looking at my training calendar, all I can see are the days that I didn’t do what I had planned to do, but I have to remind myself that most of the time I made it up a different day. Or, if I didn’t recoup the loss of a workout, it’s absolutely okay to skip training if I feel like I need to or even want to… I’m an adult. No one is telling me what to do other than myself.


Physically, I feel very prepared. I’ve run the miles. I’ve done the cross training. I’ve learned to foam roll. I’ve realized it takes about two miles for my lungs and legs to get in the groove. I’ve figured out how to hydrate, and I’ve almost figured out how to fuel. More about that, later.

Mentally, I’m in about as good of shape as I can possibly be. I haven’t really trained on hills much. But I’ve run the most difficult section of the course… those hills were tiring, but they were doable. I did them twice – out and back! I won’t have to do that on race day, though, since the race goes one-way. I got this. The only real unknown here is the weather.

Please put in your orders with Mother Nature for a cloudy, cool, 50-55 degree day with a slight wind at my back. Please, and thank you!


I’ve logged over 165 miles since beginning training. I’ve decreased my average pace by two minutes. I’ve run on the treadmill, on roads, and on trails. I’ve run in the dark, I’ve run in the bright sun, I’ve run in humidity, I’ve run in the rain, I’ve run in fog, I’ve run in the cold. I’ve run alone, I’ve run with a buddy, and I’ve run with groups. I’ve had good runs, I’ve had not-so-good runs. But I haven’t regretted a single run yet.

Not one.

iregretnothinggif.gifImage Credit: Giphy

So here I am two weeks away from this half marathon that I decided to run in order to have proof of time to submit for Disney, and I’m actually feeling much more sentimental about this race than I had anticipated. I’m actually genuinely excited about this half marathon on October 23rd. My first half marathon – I know it’s not my last, because I already have two more scheduled. But there’s something special about this one now. I didn’t anticipate that when I registered for it.

It’s in my home state. It’s right smack in the middle of my favorite season, and assuming Hurricane Matthew doesn’t blow through and knock all of the leaves off the trees, the course will be beautiful. It’s with the company that I decided to run all my races with this year. I know other women from the MRTT group will be there, some of whom I’ve become friendly with over the last few weeks.


This half marathon felt so far away when I started training 16 weeks ago. But now, there are only around 25 miles between me at this half marathon.

Hence why I feel like I should be freaking out.

But I’m not. I’m just looking forward to crossing that finish line and getting that medal. I want to prove to myself that I can do this, and I will.

NEHALF-16medal.pngImage Credit: Millennium Running


Featured Image Credit: Millennium Running

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