{what’s in my bag?}

I am bag lady. I have always been bag lady. I will always be bag lady.


Being bag lady at a 13.1mi road race will be no different.

I plan to head to my race prepared with three bags. Three very different bags, with three distinctive purposes.


  1. A bag for last-minute items I’d like to have before checking it at the start line, including layers for warmth (I never understood the concept of a “throwaway sweatshirt – it seems so wasteful), food (protein bar, fruit, pretzels), a thermos of hot tea, gloves, and a winter hat;
  2. Hydration vest, which I will wear for the race. It will have a CamelBak full of ice water, a small bottle of electrolyte water, dates for fuel, my phone, a portable charger, earbuds, my car key (I’m not chancing it), a waterproof jacket, bandages, antibacterial ointment, and Body Glide;
  3. Finish line bag, which will stay in my car. This will have dry/cozy clothes to change into, my Oofos, compression socks for recovery, ibuprofen, face wipes (as previous discussed, I’m a salty sweater), a small towel, dry spray, a robe for privacy to change in public (because let’s be honest… waiting until I find a restaurant to peel off my cold, wet sports bra is just not going to happen), and a bottle of lactose-free chocolate milk (to avoid the post-race crash).

What do you usually pack to prepare for a distance race?


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