{new running goals}

This running thing is addictive.

I still hate it while I’m doing it (unless I have a buddy or two, then I’m easily distracted), but I feel so good after I’ve finished a run. I may be tired, sore, or in pain, but I always feel good enough to want more.

It might seem a little early to be thinking about next year’s running goals, especially considering I haven’t run this first half marathon yet, but I am giving it thought. So here we go:

  • Incorporate drills into every single run; affect form and agility
  • Incorporate speed work to see if I can shave some time off my 5K
  • Train on tired legs; prep myself for the Glass Slipper Challenge (10K Saturday, 13.1 Sunday)
  • Run Ragnar Reach the Beach in September 2017
  • Perhaps run a full marathon in October/November 2017… ?

That last one seems like crazy talk. I still haven’t quite convinced myself that I want to run a full marathon. It seems like unnecessary pain. Why would people voluntarily do that to themselves? And yet so many people do…

thefaceyoumake.pngImage Credit: Kelly K. Roberts

But each time I conquer a goal, or experience a longer distance than I’d previously run, I’m hungry for more. Where will it end?



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