{half marathon: flat emily}

If you couldn’t tell by the general theme this week on the blog, I am SUPER PUMPED for my first half marathon.

It’s so funny, because I mentioned before that this was kind of a means to an end – I was using this to prove to myself that I can A) actually complete a half marathon, and B) obtain proof of time for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon in February 2017.

I also mentioned that I’ve actually become sentimental about this half… it’s much more than just proof and proof of time. It’s MY FIRST HALF MARATHON. That’s a big deal!

So, in true Emily fashion, I felt like this event needed a special outfit. But because I’m temping (ie: making much less than I would on a normal salary) it doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on new gear (ie: more than I’ve already spent this running season), and it would be downright silly (ie: stupid) of me to buy a whole new outfit without testing before race day. So I’m piecing together my good-juju outfit from what I already have.

The goal is to be colorful and comfortable.

Meet Flat Emily:


Counter-clockwise from top left: Hippie Runner headband (if you can’t tell, it says “WTF?! Where’s the finish?”), Nathan Intensity Race Vest (click here to see what’s in my bag), Zensah compression socks, Asics GT-2000 4 sneakers, DIY race skirt (I made this for Disney, but I want to wear it now), Danskin NOW tech tee, Millennium Running tech shirt (race swag for running Cinco de Miles), and my FitBit Blaze. With the exception of the headband and the skirt, I’ve tested everything else on runs of varying distances… but I think they’re unlikely to chafe or be too annoying, so I feel fine with this.

Remember: Don’t wear something new on race day!

My only unknowns right now are whether or not I should wear shorts or capris under my skirt…


It really depends on the weather. If it’s due to be a really cold day, I’ll stick with capris. But if it looks like it’s going to be warmer, I’ll go for the shorts.


My trick is to dress for 20 degrees warmer than the forecast – this accounts for my body heat increasing while I run.  Based on this forecast, once I’m moving the temp will feel more like 70 degrees, so it could be that I’m wearing the shorts and ditching the long sleeve shirt. But I won’t make that decision until I get to the start line, so I’ll wear the capris over the shorts and layer up the two shirts, and if needed I can just remove layers before the race starts.

I feel pretty confident that this outfit will be comfortable, and I’m really excited about it… it’s my super suit! I am going to kill it on Sunday!

Do you give your race outfits much thought? Why, or why not?



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