{post-race blues + how to tackle them}

I’m a member of my local Moms Run This Town chapter, and like to read through my fellow runners’ posts on our Facebook group page.

Something I’ve noticed lately is that many women are experiencing a bit of a funk after running their half marathons this fall, and have been asking if this is normal.

A quick Google search reveals that this IS normal. This totally makes sense.

You’ve spent months preparing for this event. You’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears for this event. You were excited about this event! And now it’s over… you feel a little lost… and maybe you’re wondering “What’s next?”

I feel thankful that I haven’t experienced this depression post-Traveler’s Half. I think it’s because I have the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February to look forward to, so my training doesn’t end here.

Though, to be sure, I AM taking a break. NO REGRETS.


Here are some things you can do with your time in the weeks after your race to beat the blues:

  • Know ahead of time that you might get the blues. If you think about all of your training on an upward trajectory, with your race event being the peak, then the only place you have to go from there is down… and quickly (it’s called “the Seneca Effect” or “Seneca’s Cliff”). So just knowing it’s coming should help a little bit.
  • Plan some fun social activities. Running long distances isn’t easy on your body, so you’ll likely want to give you body some time to recover. If you’ve been listening to your body, you’ll know how much time you need to recover. It could be a couple days, one week, two weeks, or more. This is the perfect time to make all those social plans you had to pass up while you were training.
  • Don’t waist time rehashing how your race went.  If you were happy with your results, congrats! If you weren’t, make a list of the things that went well and the things that didn’t. There are some lessons that can be learned that can help you train for your next event. But remember… not all races will be perfect – accept that, and move on! This guy managed to shit his pants, but he still crossed the finish and went on to set national records [Image Credit: Gawker]:
  • Don’t register for any more races right away… okay… maybe just one. Could be that you feel like you need another race to work toward. Do yourself and your bank account a favor and don’t register for multiple races (especially if they’re all in a short period of time) right away. Start small by signing up for one. The new training plan might be just what you need to dig out of your blues.
  • Just remember… you did your best! Don’t forget to be nice to yourself. Maybe you wanted to run under a certain time. Maybe you wanted to run the whole event, but couldn’t. Maybe you got injured. IT’S OKAY. And remember… Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, has never run a mile. You’ve already managed to kick his ass, so hold onto that knowledge! [Image Credit: Timoni.org]

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