{10 funniest marathon signs}

When I ran the Traveler’s Half Marathon, someone drove by with a sign hanging out the window of their truck that said, “SMILE if you aren’t wearing undies!” Naturally, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling (because I thought it was funny… I was in fact wearing undies, if you must know). There was some really great spectator support along that course – not something that happens at shorter races.

I’m organizing a group of ladies from my running group to get out there as spectators and cheer on our fellow BAMRs at the Manchester City Marathon this weekend. I’ve seen some great sign inspiration, so I’m having a hard time choosing which signs I’ll make. Here are 10 of the best signs I’ve come across in my research for sign inspiration.

If this sign doesn’t do it for you, I’m convinced your heart doesn’t beat.
ericasorensonImage Credit: Runner’s World

The first of several ways to hit on a marathoner:
Image Credit: Runner’s World

If I ever decide to date again (highly unlikely), I think I’d like to date a runner. At least I know we’d be committed to our running addiction together.
Image Credit: Women’s Running

Aaaaand in the same vein:
Image Credit: Pop Sugar

Goodness knows I’ve suffered from chafe… but for some reason I love to talk about how I got it. Because I’m obsessed with talking about running. It’s a sickness.
Image Credit: Daily LOL Pics

Similarly to chafe, blisters are another skin condition that plagues us runners.
Image Credit: Best Race Signs

Whether you like Trump or not, it’s highly relevant the weekend before election day…
Image Credit: Tyler’s Tales

The first time I saw this, I LOLed in real life. Like… actually laughed out loud.
Image Credit: Active.com

Because most of us have poo issues at one time or another, we tend to talk about poo quite frequently. We really don’t want it to happen during a race… REALLY don’t.
Image Credit: Running Yogi Trainer

No, really… we’re obsessed with poo and making sure it doesn’t happen during a race. For real. Because IT HAPPENS. We spend a lot of time talking about it when it happens to us, and about what to do/eat to avoid having it happen ever again.
Image Credit: Pinterest

BONUS: One last sign, bringing our tally to 11 funniest marathon signs. Had to include this one because it’s SO TRUE:
Image Credit: Running Yogi Trainer

What have been some of your favorite signs along the courses you’ve run?


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