{october in a nutshell}

Whoops! The end of October came and went so quickly that I completely forgot to post a summary of what happened in October.

My bad.


I ran a total of 61.74 miles in the month of October – a high for me. I also improved my average pace by shaving off 37 seconds per mile from my average pace in September. Whaaaat?


Speaking of pace, on October 30th I ran the CHaD Trick-or-Trot 3K and achieved a personal record by running a 10:35-minute mile.

Another milestone in October was I making the decision to run a marathon next year. Registration hasn’t opened yet, so it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not I’ll actually register and go through with it. But the milestone is actually making the mental switch from NO to YES.

On the non-running side of my life, I managed to cram three workshops on Adobe programs into my schedule. I also transitioned from a 3-week temp role in the marketing department of my dream company to a 6-month temp role on a special project. Professionally, I feel like I’m making strides toward the job that I want and need.

All in all, it was a really great month. I feel… amazing.

Here were my goals for October, and how they went:

  • Enjoy some of those fall activities I love (whoops… I didn’t do anything other than some hiking – no apple picking, no pumpkin patches, no corn mazes… nothing)
  • Select and register for the final classes needed for my desktop publishing certificate (I can’t afford to do this right now – I have to wait until spring)
  • Survive my first half marathon on October 23rd (I DID THIS!)

Here are my goals for November (even though I’m already half-way through the month):

  • Keep running with the Wicked Early Wednesdays ladies, because I like them
  • Get better about stretching and foam rolling, every. single. day.
  • Don’t overdo it on Thanksgiving. Eat well, but don’t eat until I’m physically pain
  • Keep trucking along with the good work at my temp job

What are your goals for November?



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