{how to enjoy holiday food, guilt-free}

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

Before I get into the guts of this post, can we just take a minute to review the fact that THANKSGIVING IS TOMORROW? Where has time gone this year?

On to the actual topic at hand… guilt-free holiday eating. This is a really simple one:

If you want to eat it, just eat it.

But don’t eat it if you don’t actually want it.

And don’t eat because you’re dying of boredom listening to Grandma’s stories.

Don’t eat until you’re so full that you’re stuffed like a turkey.

Stop eating when you aren’t hungry anymore.

Don’t forget to hydrate.

Don’t feel bad for eating more mashed potatoes than you normally would.

Don’t tell yourself, “I’ll have to run ____ miles to work this off.”

Just try to moderate what you’re stuffing in your pumpkin pie-hole, and don’t worry about it.

The END.

It’s just one day. If you’re trying to lose weight, your body could probably use the spike in calories, anyway. Just be somewhat smart about it. There’s no need to punish yourself for enjoying great food with your family and friends. Please, PLEASE don’t treat exercise as punishment for overeating – you exercise to be happy and healthy. By attaching the punishment stigma to it, you’re setting yourself up for a miserable sweat sesh.


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