{full crazy}

So, it has happened. I have completely lost my mind.

I officially registered for my first FULL MARATHON on December 1st. I will be running the Wineglass Marathon representing She RUNS This Town, NH with several other women – many of whom are friends!


Cue: excited bouncing up and down

This was NOT on my radar six months ago. It wasn’t even on my radar two months ago. As I spent more time talking to my runner friends, I realized that 26.2 miles is TOTALLY doable. I ran my first half marathon this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have THREE half marathons planned in the first half of 2017 – two runDisney events (Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World, and Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland) and a local half marathon.

After careful thought, and lots of encouragement from friends, I decided that I would pop my marathon cherry with Wineglass. It’s mostly flat, and is a downhill race. It’s also through a very beautiful, scenic part of New York.

SO… marathon training next summer. Yuck. But it’s going to happen!

Big Scary Goals (BSG) are my thing, apparently…

Now I need to train myself to like wine so I can enjoy the full experience.

Do you have any BSGs? What races are you planning to run in 2017?


Featured Image Credit: Gone For A Run

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