{taking a break}

Dear readers,

I’m taking a break from this little blog of mine.

While I do love writing and sharing my stories with you here, it is a major time commitment which I need a reprieve from for a little while.

My job situation, which I don’t talk about much on my blog, is kind of funky. I’m currently temping at my dream company, but temp salary < real salary (with benefits), so I have to use the extra time that I currently pour into blogging and redirect it toward some freelancing gigs (some creative, some not) that will help pay my bills until I can secure my dream permanent job with my dream company.

I hate hustling. It’s exhausting. And yet, in the years I’ve been in the workforce since graduating from college I have yet to have a single year where I file just one W-2. Go figure.

I like the normalcy and security of having just one job which covers my costs of living, entertainment, and, obviously, my (highly expensive) running addiction. But rather than take a job I don’t want (I’ve already kissed a lot of frogs in this regard), I’ve decided to be patient and wait for the right job to come along at a place where I’ve already built relationships and invested time and energy establishing myself as a solid candidate, and which has a corporate culture that jives with me on a personal level (we’re talking social responsibility and sustainability… in short, they’re a bunch of a tree-hugging hippies who have an aptitude for business and fashion, just like me).

It’s just a matter of time until their budget drops and resources open up.

Until then, I can be found on Instagram (@sofashrunable) posting about my upcoming runDisney experiences, half marathon training, running outfits, cross training, winter, my cat, trail walking, and perhaps even a bit about my freelancing stuff. We’ll see. 🙂


One thought on “{taking a break}

  1. I take a break from blogging here and there and come back when I feel inspired to write again. Take all the time you need, we’ll all still be here when you come back. I’ll look forward to your posts in SRTT and on instagram. Good luck with the job!!! And Disney!! 🙂


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