{we interrupt this break…}

Let’s be clear… I’m not back just yet. But a lot of things have developed over the last few weeks and I’d like to write about them.

Because writing is cathartic.

  1. It sounds like my dream job at my dream company won’t be happening any time soon (BUMMER). I’m now officially on the hunt for my next full-time, permanent opportunity. Are you looking for a marketing assistant or a content coordinator  (or something along those lines)? Connect with me on LinkedIn, and in your message tell me how you found me so I don’t ignore your connection request.
  2. I’m still hustling on the side (snippets can be found here, and here). Neither are incredibly profitable, but they bring in a little bit of cash here and there, and anything helps. Some money > no money.
  3. I was asked to join one of the welcome committees for my local She RUNS This Town chapter. So if you’re an SRTTNH member, new or old, keep an eye out for Manchester newbie runs posted to our events page. I like new friends.
  5. Holy crap, I’m running Disney in two weeks, and my last long run was two weeks ago. I’ve had to ease up on training (specifically long runs) because I’ve developed ITBS pain in my right knee. On top of the existing hip pain I’ve been dealing with since November (turns out it’s tendinitis). So I have this strategy:
    • I bought minimalist running shoes to force myself to change the heel-striking behavior I am SO guilty of. I couldn’t do it in my beloved Asics, because when I get tired, I get lazy… and when I get lazy, I heel strike. Eliminating the extra padding at the heel means I can’t get lazy, and if I do, I will cause myself more pain. So the new shoes with minimal drop and less padding at the heel force me to run differently (it’s much less of a mental exercise now).
    • Changing my foot strike will help with the persistent hip pain I’ve had, and also the knee pain I recently developed.
    • Midfoot striking is tough on shins and calves, so I have to wear compression socks every time I run to give my lower legs the support they need while I basically teach my legs how to run all over again.
    • I wear compression socks to work on days when I run, because my legs need the extra hug all day long.
    • I now only do 2-3mi per run while my legs adjust to the new foot strike.
    • Long story short, there will be a lot of walking at Disney… oh well.
  6. Winter has finally arrived in NH. Running in the snow is so much fun! I’m so glad, after all of these years, that my YakTrax are finally getting some use. Running in temps of 20 degrees or less, on the other hand… no. I’ll take snow over super-cold any day.
  7. If you’re looking for things to binge-watch on Netflix, I would highly recommend The OA and The Santa Clarita Diet. I also hear that Bill Nye is getting a show on Netflix on April 21st… MINDBLOWN.

And that’s it. That’s all I wanted to say.

I hope you’ve been well. I miss blogging. I do. I want to come back. I will definitely provide all sorts of recaps after Princess Half Marathon weekend (goodness knows the world needs another recap on PHM… just Google it. There are like 23K pages of results). I can’t promise they’ll be right after PHM, but they’ll happen eventually.

Until then, take care of yourselves and run happy!


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