{help me pick my next rundisney costume}

I’m struggling… I need help with my costume for the runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon this coming May. Will you help me?

I have a costume already from running the Snowflake Shuffle back in January… I could be Elsa from Frozen. It’s as simple as a blue tank, compression shorts, snowflake compression socks, a cute tiara, and the skirt below:


Here’s a tutorial on how I created this blue, tiered skirt. It’s a cute costume, and I know I could survive a half marathon in it, but I’m having an identity crisis!!

I got great feedback from people for my Kevin costume at the Enchanted 10K at Princess Half Marathon Weekend last month. The first person to recognize my costume was the sweet Disney cast member at the fairy photo stop who was kind enough to snap a picture with my cell phone – I screeched with delight when she said, “Good morning, Kevin!” Later on the course, I heard a couple women behind me exclaim, “NOW I GET IT! SHE’S KEVIN!” And of course I turned around and screeched with delight again!

I really enjoyed the reactions I got from my less-popular character choice. As a result, I think I should switch from well-known Elsa to something a little off the beaten path. I really enjoy Fantasia (but for real, can we talk about how scary that movie was when I was a kid?!… it’s STILL SCARY), and there are a ton of recognizable but lesser-known characters in there.

Here are the characters I’m thinking of:


The trick will be figuring out how to make a costume which I won’t want to tear to shreds during a half marathon… so whatever I end up doing will be a very simple version, but hopefully recognizable.

Please leave a comment below for the character you think I should be for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon!


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