{catching up: post-princess half marathon}

An awful lot has happened since Princess Half Marathon back in February… let’s take a short trip down memory lane.

So let’s be real… running a 10K and a half marathon on consecutive days while also spending three days aggressively touring Disney parks did a number on my legs. (Note to self: next time you plan on doing a Disney race and want to do the parks, don’t do them at the same time! Enjoy the parks for a day or two, then rest and relax for the days heading into the race!) I’d go to bed at night and sleep with all of the pillows on my bed tucked under my legs so they could be elevated at night. I didn’t have ice… I didn’t even think of getting it. I could’ve filled shopping bags with it from the cafeteria at Pop Century, but nope. Oh well. Hindsight is 20-20!

I gave myself an entire week after the race weekend to let my legs recover. I was super pumped to join my tribe for a 5mi run the following Sunday (FOMO is a real thing when you’re seeing Instagram and FB posts from all your running friends and you’re not in any of them!). But Sunday finally came!… and I felt like I had shin splints. No matter… that’s what KT Tape is for. I intended to go on this run!

IMG_20170305_142415_108 (1)

So I showed up for this run… mind you, it’s March, so it was weird going back to wearing tons of clothes for a run after a long weekend running in shorts and tanks! Evidence:


We took off for our 5mi run and were doing run/walk intervals. It was hard… my legs felt like lead and it took a while for my lungs to get into the swing of things. Then around mile 3.75 my left hamstring started to hurt. By 4.5 it was excruciating… and by 4.75 I had to walk back to my car. I couldn’t anymore. I just couldn’t. I was so frustrated. I got in my car after saying my goodbyes, pulled out of the parking lot and cried the whole way home.

Long story short, I took it easy for the next week, plenty of ibuprofen and ice (but NO foam rolling… when the muscle is already inflamed like that, you’d just be doing more damage by stretching the muscle fibers further from each other). This made it pretty damn hard to get back into a training plan for Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

Talk about demoralizing.

The human body is a fascinating thing… it puts up with so much. But when it hits its breaking point, there’s no questioning it. I happen to be pretty sympathetic to these things, and generally wouldn’t run through pain. But this was kind of the beginning of a whole downward spiral of new pains… more about that later.

Have you experienced a setback like this? How did you get through it?



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