{catching up: tinkerbell half marathon}

An awful lot has happened since Princess Half Marathon back in February… let’s take a short trip down memory lane.

I’m not going to go on and on about this race… there was a lot of negative “press” (AKA: disgruntled runners) about this year’s Tinkerbell Half, and I refuse to contribute. YES… there were things that were kind of crummy, but overall I had a nice experience and want to focus on that…. and on some of my epic selfies and race photos.

I flew out to California for a whirlwind Friday through Monday to run this race (BONUS: I got to stay with a friend from college, and we spent most of the weekend binge-watching Marvel movies and the Handmaid’s Tale). For serious, I learned my lesson after Princess weekend… I wanted to give my legs so much of a break, so we skipped the tourist Olympics and just relaxed. It was nice. 


The half course was great… the first 5mi were in the parks. However, there were very few character stops (I decided to skip them entirely because the lines were so long due to lack of choices!), and spectator support was lacking. Then the course was out in Anaheim, and WOW their roads are straight and flat. I’m not used to that! I heard that Disneyland used to give park passes to the many groups that would cheer along the route, but that they didn’t this year, so no one showed up to cheer on the runners. Whatever the reason, I had been looking forward to it and was bummed that it wasn’t as robust this year as prior years. But there were other spectators out, and I still had a great time!

I made friends with a guy at the mile 11 marker, and we proceeded to walk the next two miles (#kneeprobz)… and then dragged our exhausted, sore bodies through the final .1mi together (I kept saying “SMILE! THIS IS WHERE ALL THE CAMERAS ARE! ACT LIKE YOU HAD THE BEST TIME EVER AND FEEL SO GREAT RIGHT NOW!”).

This guy must be a beast… he didn’t do any training (though he IS a cyclist), and decided to sign up for the race the day before (his wife was registered to run and was finished with the race by the time he and I met up at mile 11). He went out, bought some shorts and new sneakers, threw on the race tee that he got at registration and ended up finishing in 3:04… WITH NO TRAINING. I finished at the same time with eight months of training. What in the what?! BEAST.

Also, I got my Coast to Coast medals… MEDALS. I originally thought I would only get the special, pink C2C medal (for doing Princess and Tink), but they were also handing out the blue 10-year anniversary C2C medal. WAHOO!! Bling bling, baby!

That’s all I really want to say… so here are some of my favorite pics from those three hours of Disney fun, including at least one accidental selfie with my beast-mode friend that makes me laugh every time I see it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only person who recognized my character costume was the photographer who snapped my medal pic at the end. Can you tell who I am?


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