{catching up: gate city marathon relay}

An awful lot has happened since Princess Half Marathon back in February… let’s take a short trip down memory lane. This happens to be the end of the catching up “series.”

After Tinkerbell Half, I decided that I needed to drastically reduce my running miles for four weeks. The plan included doing 3mi of track repeats on Tuesdays, but no more long runs, group runs, tempo runs… nada.

The Gate City Marathon Relay was one exception to my plan.

I was excited to join my friends to run the relay, hosted by the Gate City Striders in Nashua, NH. I made team shirts and shoe poms which everyone was pumped about. I was scheduled to run the longest leg – 5.6mi. Perhaps not my best idea one week after Tink. But I wanted that leg because I wanted to run in the shade along Mines Falls trail (#palegirlproblems).

However, disaster struck the night before the race. I was scheduled to run a photo booth at a wedding in Boston, and long story short, I ended up injuring one of my fingers and went to the ER after the event. I checked in at 11:45pm on Saturday night and wasn’t released until 5:45am Sunday morning – all because the entire city of Manchester supposedly decided to get sick or broken on the same night (even the hospital staff commented about how abnormally busy it was). I ended up with x-rays of the affected finger (my middle finger, no less!), a tetanus shot and two stitches. And NO SLEEP.


No, I’m not really being fresh… YES, I injured my middle finger. LOL.

By the time I joined my relay team at the race, I had been awake for 24 hours. By the time we finished the race and celebrated with some fellow relayers, and I headed home for a bath and a nap, I had been awake for 30 hours. Talk about STRUNG. OUT. Driving home was a harder test of endurance than running any race, ever. I hate to admit that I almost dozed off once, so I busted out a mini bag of Doritos and ate them to keep my eyes open. It worked.

Let me tell you… adrenaline IS a thing. I was so tired that I wasn’t tired, if that makes sense. I was slightly worried about improper pre-race hydration and fueling, too. But I rocked those 5.6mi on the trail and surprised the shit out of myself that I pulled it off in 1:07:54 with an average pace of 12:13. I used a 2:1 run/walk interval plan which gave me the breaks my body needed to run the pace I kept.

However, once the adrenaline died down, the weekend came crashing down around me. I ran a bath with the intent of getting cleaned up… instead, I took a nap. In the bath. How I managed to keep my comically-large bandaged middle finger dry is something of a miracle. I then hopped in bed for a 1hr nap and ended up sleeping for 2hrs instead.

I made custom shirts and shoe poms for my team… the poms got a ton of compliments. And FYI: if you use Sharpie marker on synthetic fabric, it bleeds a little. And when you wash the shirt, it fades a bit. But I still have a cute shirt to wear, so #WINNING.

We didn’t take many pics while we waited around for each other, so here are some highlights from the finish line:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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