{track repeats are my new gig}

I discovered track workouts… and I love them. I was super intimidated at first, because I felt like it would be obvious that I had no idea what I was doing. But, like with any other thing I do where I get worried about what people will think, I realized that no one at a track is going to A) know that I’m up to, or B) give a crap.

My first track workout was with a SRTT friend who was kind enough to invite me to the first night with the Greater Derry Track Club. I was surprised by how easy the workout was. I mean… it wasn’t EASY, it was actually quite challenging. But the workout plan was simple to follow. After that, I got up the courage to start using the Run Less Run Faster plan to do my own workouts.

I was worried that I’d get bored running in circles, literally. But track repeats feel like a game. I spend so much time focusing on hitting a certain pace and staying there, and observing how I feel at that pace, that I don’t even realize I’m running in torturous circles. I DID notice at first… until I got the right watch. Now, track workouts are so much easier and enjoyable!

I must say… the Garmin Forerunner 235 makes track repeats so easy. I plug my workout into the calendar in Garmin Connect and then send it to my watch, and the crazy thing buzzes and beeps at me when I need to run or take a break. And after the workout, it knows what pace I did for each repeat… it’s amazing!


I can actually see PROGRESS. I mentioned in a previous post that the purpose of track repeats is to try to hit a similar time for each repeat (if you’re doing identical distances, of course). Look at how EVEN this recent workout was! I wouldn’t have had this data with my Fitbit… so it’s nice to have a toy that makes this whole process so… easy.


I’ve slowly-but-surely collected a group of ladies who like to come to my workouts. The faces change week-to-week, but I’m no longer the only person out there running, which I appreciate. It’s a little creepy out there in the quiet morning hours.

I post two potential workouts – one is borrowed from the AARC (a local running club), and the other is from Run Less Run Faster. I normally don’t actually post MY workout, because I’m following a plan and it’s not safe to assume that anyone else is at the same level in their training that I am. Besides, I’m not a coach, and it’s not really my job to tell what these ladies what to do. But they seem happy enough to take the recommendations, so there you have it.

I just need to point out, again… do you see that screenshot of my recent workout? I ran 800s at a 10-ish pace. Consistently. I RAN A HALF MILE, FOUR TIMES, AT A 10-ISH PACE. I never thought that would be possible… and all I can think is this means I will be able to run a MILE at a 10-ish pace eventually. That’s insane to me!

Do you incorporate track speed work into your training? Why, or why not?



One thought on “{track repeats are my new gig}

  1. Did a track workout for the first time yesterday and funnily enough, I JUST bought this exact same watch! Haven’t taken it out of the box yet though, going to set it up tomorrow. The function you explained is insanely awesome, pretty excited! Thanks!


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