{getting the aches and pains under control}

I know I’ve mentioned it at least once, if not multiple times by now… things hurt. All over.

When I trained for Princess Half Marathon, I was experiencing pain in my left hip flexor. I went to see a physical therapist for just two visits. I’d have seen him for more, but this was his recommendation… I guess health insurance companies would fight with him about whether or not I really need to be running, and thus in PT, because if I stop running the pain goes away – what a fucking scam.

So I had two visits where it was determined that I needed to change my gait and strengthen my glutes. I was given a long list of stretches and glute exercises and sent on my way.

I got fitted for minimalist sneakers and managed to successfully change my gait in just a month and a half. Probably too fast to make that transition, but I stretched, foam rolled and iced my calves like a fiend to help the transition.

The glutes, though? I discovered I could do all those exercises and never feel them in my butt. For example, I always feel squats in my quads and hamstrings… NEVER my booty. So I stopped doing the exercises, because they clearly weren’t doing what they were supposed to.

Heading into my last few training runs for Princess, in addition to the hip flexor pain, I started feeling pain on the outside of my right knee. Are. You. Kidding. Me. After throwing it out to my running group, a lot of people suggested KT Tape (for the record, it worked for my hip but didn’t work for my knee).

I got through Princess, and then when I started training for Tinkerbell Half marathon I decided that I needed to try a few things:

  1. Start seeing a chiropractor
  2. Take four weeks off after Tink, before I start marathon training
  3. Hire a personal trainer to help me fire up my glutes

Nothing else I had been doing was working, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try these things at some point. I tackled my training for Tink differently, but continued to feel knee pain. The hip pain kind of went away… but not really. It just didn’t hurt as much as the knee did, so it was easier to ignore. I did survive Tink… I walked the last two miles and struggled to jog the final .1 to cross the finish line.

So here I am, a few weeks out from Tink and now I’m doing all of the things I said I’d do. I’ll talk a bit about the chiropractor and the trainer in other posts later this week. They definitely deserve their own space.

Are you dealing with any aches or pains? What are you doing to treat them?



One thought on “{getting the aches and pains under control}

  1. Strength training has been the only thing that has consistently warded off injuries for me. I learned that the pain in my knees was largely attributable to my weak hips and quads (which enraged me cause I thought I was strengthening them in yoga!). Once I started strength training though things go a lot better. I also take curcumin daily and eat a diet that limits inflammation and I believe that has made a drastic difference as well. Good luck!


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