{professional back-cracking}

So I started seeing a chiropractor a few weeks ago.

I’m currently in the phase where I get adjusted 3x per week (though I’m likely going down to 2x soon). Can I mention how decadent it is to have someone crack my neck? I’ve never been a neck-cracker… I usually crack my lower back. But it feels really amazing when she does that neck thing at the end of the appointment. WOW. Okay.

Overall, I think I’m enjoying(? benefiting from?) chiropractic care. There are things about chiropractic care that I still think are a little too… woo woo. For example, I struggle to see how getting adjusted will cure the allergies I’ve had my entire life. I was reading the map of the spine that I was given, and each vertebra corresponds with a different organ, and the theory is that when that vertebra is out of alignment, it could cause all kinds of ailments like stomach aches, allergies, etc. Meh… I don’t know about that. But having my spine in alignment to cure tendon/fascia/muscle pain? That makes sense to me.

Despite being a skeptic, I did decide to take all of her recommendations and go at this fully, so I do a lot of things now to ensure I’m getting the full benefit of the experience. I was told to stop cracking my own back… though a side effect of getting adjusted is that I no longer feel like I need to do it myself. I have to ice my psoas every night, which never is sore, but apparently it’s inflamed even though I don’t feel it. I was told to start taking probiotics and fish oil. I now use biofreeze on sore muscles when ice isn’t handy. I was told to stop relaxing into one side when I stand (I have a tendency to put all my weight on my right leg and jut my hip out)… it’s hard. This is so hard. I catch myself doing this every day, and correcting the behavior is very difficult. But I’m trying.

I think the most important thing about seeing the chiropractor is that I’m filling her in on what’s happening with the trainer I hired to help me with my glutes. Muscles pull the spine out of alignment… so it makes sense to fill her in on what I’m working on with him so that we can approach my treatment with a bigger-picture view. So I give her updates, she asks questions, I answer honestly… it makes sense.

I feel the need to point this out, because I think a lot of people think that they can get away with doing the bare minimum with treatment plans like chiropractic and physical therapy. I know I’ve been guilty of it. My point is… if you’re going to pay the money to do these things, it doesn’t make sense to not do the work between appointments. YES, the things that you have to do between appointments (ughhhhhhhhh stretching, PT exercises, choking down massive fish oil pills every day) are an integral part of the treatment plan. If you want to get better quickly, you need to embrace the plan and do the work. Period. Otherwise you’re just extending the time that you’re in pain, and spending more money for visits and treatments.

What are some things you’ve tried to correct pain, or just be healthier?


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