{i’m a liar}

I said I was going to start posting more… and then I didn’t follow through.

I hate being the “no-follow-through person.”

Truth is, things are really hard right now. And busy. As a result, I have a hard time getting jazzed about blogging, simply because I’m too busy occupying my brain space with worrying. And pre-worrying.

In an effort to stop the never-ending worrying cycles, I run. A lot. I ran a marathon on October 1st, took three weeks to run reduced mileage (AKA: to “rest”…. ahem…), and then jumped back into training for my second marathon. It’s hard to type and run at the same time, so running wins.

Let’s be real, this second marathon will be my last. 26.2 just isn’t my distance. I don’t love it. It’s hard. It hurts. And it doesn’t inspire me to keep trying until I get it right the way some other activities do… I just happen to be running a second marathon because it’s at Disney, which doesn’t allow deferrals, transfers or cancellations. And that’s a shit-ton of money to let go to waste, so I spent even MORE money that I don’t have to fly my ass down there andCoco-1-620x329 stay in a hotel room with three other adults (to cut costs, naturally). At least my costume won’t be expensive… I’m borrowing a friend’s INKnBURN race kit, wearing a Sparkle Athletic skirt I already have, and calling it a day. We’ll see if anyone recognizes my character. I might not recognize my character. (For the record, I’m running as Imelda from the new Pixar movie, Coco. I haven’t seen it yet, but I don’t need to. I’m obsessed with sugar skulls… I need to be this character!)

So I’m very much looking forward to getting through this race so I can collect my medal (#blingwhore marath4444and proud of it) and go back to my hotel where I can sit by the pool and hopefully reflect on the experience of my second marathon on Ye Olde Blog. I’d love to say I’m going to the parks instead, but I can’t afford tickets… so I’m legit flying down to Florida to run a race through the parks, but not actually spend quality time in them. AWESOME.

Until then… I may try to pop in to post an update. But let’s be real, I probably won’t. Marathon training really isn’t that exciting when nothing goes wrong. With the exception of some new knee pain last weekend, and a cranky hamstring, I couldn’t have asked for a smoother training cycle. That’s not very exciting!

You know what IS kind of exciting, though? Popping up in a recent NH Chronicle piece about the Manchester City Marathon. If you don’t feel like watching the video, just take a gander at the header photo for this post. It was cold AF… but I was out there with my bullhorn cheering people on. Because I love it. SO MUCH! I wish I could get paid to cheer on runners at races. The weekend after this race, I was in Cambridge doing the same thing at my friend’s second half marathon. And it rained. A lot. But that didn’t stop them, so why should it stop me? I’m the most dedicated cheerer, ever.

Also, I FINALLY updated my domain name to match my online persona. Welcome to sofashrunable.com!



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