{i broke my legs}

This is a bit dramatic… sorry. My legs aren’t broken. But they’re all kinds of messed up. See… I had this idea to get to 750 (tracked) miles for the year, and needed like 75 miles. So I spent one week working towards this new goal.

I shouldn’t have.I’ve unofficially been diagnosed with a cranky hamstring tendon, my shins have been unhappy, my achilles feel weird, and my right knee is bugging me more than normal. I even managed to tweak my knee while working a photo booth gig, and it’s just like… how? What did I even do to make that happen? IS THIS THE TAPER CRAZIES?

So in my marathon taper, rather than doing long runs and maintenance runs, I’m walking, going to spin, stretching, and foam rolling. I’m really hoping that I’m not losing my fitness while I sit around, babying my legs. I’m already annoyed that I’m going all the way down to Disney to run a marathon, and can’t even afford to go to the parks. If I can’t run the marathon either, I’m going to be beside myself.

So, long story short… don’t do what I did. Or, if you’re going to, at least have the intelligence to quit before it’s too late (which I did… I think).

In happier news, because I’m forced to find the positivity in everything, my costuCoco_Imelda_Renderme for the marathon will be AWESOME. I’ve decided to run as Mama Imelda from the new Disney/Pixar movie, Coco. A friend lent me her INKnBURN sugar skull race kit, which I will pair with a purple Sparkle Athletic skirt and a pair of the Santeria socks from Crazy Compression (I’m an ambassador… give me a holler if you want a discount on your next order!). I can’t wait to share pics!


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