{race recap: cambridge 5k’s craicfest}

Cambridge 5K puts on a solid race and after party… I’m solely basing this review on the two experiences I’ve had running Craicfest – once in 2017, and again this year.

My birthday is mid-March, so it’s really fun that this particular race happens to land on or near my birthday… obviously, I have to run it. Any excuse to dress up and run!


This particular race is different from many others that I’ve run, simply because it has an after party. An actual, legitimate, people-hang-out-for-hours-drinking-and-dancing (oh-and-there’s-a-DJ!) after party. Most races give you a beer ticket and a soup ticket and are like, “Here you go… have fun drinking your ONE BEER!” And normally I don’t stick around. I don’t drink beer.

But CRAICFEST… oh yes… Craicfest (pronounced “crack-fest”) is a St. Patty’s 5K that truly embraces the spirit and fun of the holiday as many people know it (I took an Irish Lit class in college, and remember nothing about Saint Patrick, other than he was British and living in Ireland, so St. Patty’s Day is purely a wear green and consume corned beef and cabbage holiday in my world) has free-flowing hard cider for us non-beer drinkers. Plus all kinds of delicious snacks to keep you from crossing the line from happily tipsy to just-plain-drunk.


This race was unbearably cold in 2017. It was like… 16 degrees. And windy. And my face hurt. Everything hurt. And even after the race was over and we were hunkered down in the parking garage under Cambridgeside Galleria, I was still cold. Even dancing up a storm (because “OOOOOOOH THIS IS MY JAM!!”), I was still cold. But I had a fabulous time running it with my best friend’s husband. And a guy hit on me, and it boosted my ego immensely. I still think about that a year later.

Here are a couple pics from 2017, because I don’t think I ever shared these AMAZING screen shots from the video.



This year? It was delightful! Not only did I get to run it with my bestie’s hubby again (admittedly, he took off and ran his own race, but we chilled at the after party!), BESTIE joined, too… for her first official 5K! The only difference was that instead of free-flowing adult beverages, everyone was given three drink tickets, and more could be purchased for $5. Meh… three free drinks is more than enough for this lightweight.

Anyway, that’s it for words. The rest of the story can be told in photos (supplied by me, bestie’s hubby, and pics I pulled from the Craicfest 2018 album on Facebook).


I HIGHLY recommend this race. And I’ve decided that next year (because let’s be real, this is totally a tradition now), my goal is to recruit enough friends to qualify for a team tent next year!


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