{namaste at the mfa}

What does one do during a self-imposed, five-week-long break from running?

Lots of yoga.

I had been cruising Facebook a few weeks before the WDW Marathon, and noticed that an instructor that I really enjoy was going to be teaching a yoga class at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston.

Naturally, I tagged my bestie to see if she’d be interested (she originally introduced me to this particular instructor, AND she likes art, so it seemed like a good fit)… she was in! So we bought our tickets and patiently waited… several weeks.

This instructor that I’m talking about is Kristin Khederian, of SolSeed Retreats. If you’re ever thinking you’d like to get away from the concrete jungle and get your yoga on somewhere warm and beautiful, she’s got an incredible lineup of instructors in amazing locations around the world. I first met her when she and a fellow yogi had a business in Boston called Pop Up Asana. I went to the Dominican Republic with them for a yoga retreat, and came back feeling like a new person.

Yoga + Travel = Great Things

Anywho, this time the travel only meant getting down to Boston. Bestie and I hadn’t seen each other in a while, so I was looking forward to the experience. The MFA is hosting Namaste at the MFA with a new instructor the first Saturday of each month until June 9th. I recommend checking it out!

I’m not going to delve into the details of Kristin’s class, other than she paces the 60-minute class very well, and it’s perfect for all levels. I hadn’t done yoga in a LONG time, so it was challenging. It made me sweat. Or was it the heated stone floors in the indoor courtyard that made me sweat like that? I’m not sure… but yes, you read that right: heated floors. Normally, this would be dreamy. But when I’m working hard, it’s just… hot.


The indoor courtyard is beautiful. In addition to the sky-high glass walls and being able to peek into the American gallery off to one side, there’s a giant, glass Chihuly tree still sitting in the space, left behind after his last exhibit several years ago.

Turns out, the MFA was hosting a Takashi Murakami exhibit… super fun way to end our time at the MFA!


I was very attracted to the happy flower faces and all of the color and texture the artist used. I especially loved the floors! Honestly… I loved this stuff when I was in middle school. I will never grow up! (You can’t make me!)


After yoga, we were ravenous. Naturally. So we headed into Cambridge for brunch at Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. I ordered Nutella-stuffed French toast, plus a side of bacon… plus I had a Bloody Mary (and those are heavy). Not to mention the gallons of water I drank to recover from yoga.


The best antidote to eating too much? A spontaneous dance party to Backstreet Boys in the alleys of Harvard Square, of course!


I firmly believe that all yoga classes should be followed by a meal. I enjoy yoga, but food  makes it so much more worth it!


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