{race recap: millennium running’s snowflake shuffle}

Three years of Snowflake Shuffles, and three years of AWESOME hoodies. Seriously, I do this race for the swag. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t want to run in the cold, windy, icy conditions that usually come with the Snowflake Shuffle. #honesty #realtalk

This year, the Shuffle was a week after my marathon at Disney, and I was firmly planning to NOT RUN. But I still wanted to see my friends and dress up (obvi), and I NEEDED the hoodie (OBVI), so I signed up and planned to walk. I’m lucky… I managed to get TWO hoodie styles this year – I love the RUN NH style, but I also really wanted the She Runs This Town style. A friend was kind enough to let me take her daughter’s hoodie with her registration, since she’s a tiny little nugget and doesn’t fit in adult sizes.


Millennium Running races that have “shuffle” in the name usually means that they’re fewer than 3.1 miles, and thus are not a 5K. However, this year, the race course was changed a bit at the end to loop through a different part of the parking lot to make a 5K. Also, this race is part of the Millennium Running Series, so if you’re looking to earn a swanky jacket and bragging rights for completing a series, this qualifies!

The race starts and ends at the Copper Door (delicious food!) in Bedford, NH. It takes a right out of the parking area onto Old Bedford Road, takes a left at Donald Street and another left onto Rundlett Hill Road where the water stop is, then takes a right back onto Old Bedford Road…. then the “fun” part happens. You take a right onto Calloway Lane, which is basically a big, crappy hill up to a cul-de-sac, and then you get to run back down the big, crappy hill, take another right onto Old Bedford Road, then a left on Corporate Drive to get back to the finish line by the Copper Door. With the exception of Calloway Lane, it’s mostly flat.


I heard a few complaints – some ladies in my running group didn’t get a full 5K on their watches. I also heard a lot of people complaining about how others did a terrible job of self-seeding into the correct pace corral. People were tripping over each other, running in the grass, touching cars parked along the road, and some were even trading nasty words about pace. I just don’t understand this… it’s supposed to be a fun 5K. If you’re not the leader who wins the whole thing, then you really need to calm yourself down.

One thing I will say about Millennium, other than their awesome swag, is that their races snowflakeshuffle2018sofashrunable2are incredibly organized and very well staffed. I’ve never worried about getting lost on one of their courses. They have tons of support from the local police departments, so I always feel safe. If something isn’t working one year, the next year you better believe it’s fixed.

This year’s post-race munchies included beer, pasta with marinara, and bread. I ended up leaving without taking any of it, but the lines were long and moving, and people were happy!

Can I be honest? I probably had the most fun this year. More than any other person on that course. It was really cold (it usually is mid-January), so I just suited up in extra layers, stuck some hand warmers under my Shoe Hoodies, and drank a giant hot chocolate while I chatted away with fellow runners. Because I didn’t sweat, I was much more comfortable than most… WINNING!

If you think you want to freeze your ass off at a winter race that has awesome swag, I recommend Snowflake Shuffle. For sure!


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