{lupine festival in sugar hill nh}

A few weeks ago I headed up to Sugar Hill, NH for the annual Lupine Festival.

Our day started with breakfast at Polly’s Pancake Parlor… it came highly recommended by many people, and now is also highly recommended by me!

front of polly's pancake parlor

I had a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, smothered in butter and pure maple syrup, along with an orange juice and a shared dish of potatoes with locally sourced cheddar cheese melted on top. YUM.

After breakfast we headed across the street to take a look at the first lupine field on the “tour.” Could it be more idyllic with the horse nibbling on wild flowers with the Whites in the background?

horse with white mountains in background

I think not.

Really, we just drove around and parked on the side of the road when we saw a field of lupine that we wanted to go play in.

tree pose on a rock in a lupine field

Naturally, I spotted a rock that was just begging for me to practice tree pose on it. And yes… I intentionally wore purple/pink socks to honor a day in the lupine fields.

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We also stopped at a couple cute little country stores, including the Sugar Hill Sampler and Harman’s Cheese & Country Store.

I bought a bag of Port City Pretzels from Harman’s… they were the zesty ranch dill flavor, and I promptly inhaled the bag for dinner that very evening. #worthit

We also made a trip to Tarrnation Flower Farm and did a self-guided walk around the property. I know nothing about flowers/plants (I have a black thumb of death), but I appreciated its perfectly aligned flower beds.

yellow butterflies in a garden

As we were checking out the vegetable gardens I noticed a yellow butterfly float by… then I noticed a whole bunch of them fluttering around between some of the beds. We immediately ran over to take photos and video of them fluttering around.

sweet cottage at tarrnation flower farm

After walking around the gardens we headed back to the main barn to pay for our walk (it’s $5 per person) and purchase bouquets.


The flowers were SO fragrant, and those giant pink and white blooms opened up even bigger. Naturally, the bouquet also included lupine!

After the flower farm we headed back toward Woodstock to grab ice cream and then headed home.

It was a loooooooong day up north, but it was lovely! I love being a tourist in my own state!

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