{hey stranger! just checking in…}

I hate to admit that it has been an excessively long time since I last wrote in this little ol’ blog of mine.

It’s hard. It’s so hard to write for FUN when I write all day long for my full-time job. I also wait tables… did you know that? I picked up a part-time job waiting tables a few nights per week. I think I’ve leveled up in the adulting, because working two jobs, training for races, and still having some semblance of a personal life is HARD, yo.

I have done a LOT of stuff over the last six months. I’ve run a bunch of races, so I have some recaps queued up for you. I will also recap a few hikes I did in 2018. And I’ll have a little costume how-to up and running, too!

It’s kind of embarrassing that I’ll be talking about summer heat at the NH 10 Miler when it’s actually frosty and cold in NH these days. It’s also embarrassing to admit that I started hiking in 2018 and lived to tell the tale… but didn’t.

So… stay tuned, my friends. I have some good stuff coming your way.

And just for fun, here’s a throwback pic of my costume for a Halloween morning run with friends. I was a troll!

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