{how-to: troll costume}

Adulting really just doesn’t make room for costumes, so any chance I get to dress up, I do it.

I joined some friends for our usual three-mile loop on Halloween morning and HAD to wear something. I had originally been considering running as a stick figure, but the el-wire kept falling off and moving around, so I gave up on that endeavor. I got one good photo in my kitchen before I moved on to another costume idea…


So… what to wear? Well, I had to make something work with the supplies I had on hand, so I brainstormed a bit and came up with a troll!

The thing about my troll costume was it was just color coordinated. The only thing I had to actually make was the hair, which was super easy!

Are you ready?…

I made a tiny tulle tutu (alliteration at its best) for my head.


Get with me here…

I took a Sparkly Soul stretchy headband and tied pieces of tulle all the way around it to essentially make a small tutu. I then put my hair up in a tight bun and then put that crazy little tutu on my head and tied the ends up in a loose ponytail so it looked like troll hair!

Then I just picked layers of clothing that matched the color scheme of my troll hair, and the rest is history!


Admittedly, this photo isn’t the best quality… but what can you do when you’re running before dawn and don’t have a real camera handy for high-quality photos? You make do with your crappy cell phone camera and move on with your day.

Also, here’s a shout out to my friends at Crazy Compression! Those purple and pink polka dot compression socks are my favorite. If you ever need to stock up on some compression socks, shoot me a message on Instagram at @sofashrunable! I’m an ambassador and get a pretty sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet discount to share with my friends, family, readers, etc… so look me up and let me know you saw this post and ask me for my code. I got you, boo!

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