{race recap: millennium running’s snowflake shuffle… again}

I don’t usually run a race more than once, but the Snowflake Shuffle by Millennium Running is one exception (and there are only two exceptions!).

I’ve run this race four times now… and I’m not afraid to admit that I run it for the swag. “What’s the swag?” you might ask.

It’s a hoodie. It’s the softest hoodie ever. Last year, said hoodie began to have a handy dandy little cell phone pocket that other people discovered quite nicely fits a beer bottle. They also started allowing my running club to add our logo to the design, and I luuurve me some SRTT gear! But since I won’t wear the race shirt on race day, I don’t actually have photos in all of these amazing hoodies.

But let’s be real… you could buy a nice hoodie that you really like in a store for like $20? I don’t know… I get all of my hoodies as race swag. But I figure for a cool $15 extra, I get the hoodie AND I get to run. That’s clearly a win-win situation.

I do love more than just the hoodie when it comes to this race. Millennium races is that they’re so well organized. Bib pickup is a few days before the race, and it’s always a breeze. The event itself is always executed flawlessly.

For this particular race, parking is kind of intimidating. Because of the location of the race, attendees have to park across a very busy street and take shuttles over. State police don’t like it when runners stage their own game of Frogger across Route 101. Shuttles stop running about an hour before the race starts, so that usually means standing outside in the cold (and boy, is it cold!).

This year I purchased VIP parking… this allowed me to park close to the start line so that I didn’t have to take the shuttle. I loaded a bunch of girlfriends into my car so we could stay warm while we waited. It was honestly the best, and anyone thinking about purchasing VIP parking needs to just do it! It’s worth it!

Anywho, I never have complaints about the Snowflake Shuffle. I’m always happy to do it, and each year I see more familiar faces!

2016 – the inaugural (for me) year

2017 – the year I suckered a friend into joining me

2018 – the year I walked it with a hocho in-hand because I ran a marathon the weekend prior and promised myself NO RUNNING

2019 – this year… it was seven degrees… brrrrrr!

Wanna take bets on whether or not I’ll run it again in 2020?

Have you run the Snowflake Shuffle? What’s your favorite part about it?

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