{race recap: millennium running’s nh 10 miler}

It’s March, but we’re gonna throw it back to the middle of summer and talk a little bit about the NH 10 Miler. Maybe we’ll defrost a bit taking this trip down memory lane.

When I first joined She RUNS This Town, and I mean… at my very first group run… the chapter leader at the time (who is now a dear friend of mine and was my buddy for the Wineglass Marathon in 2017… btw, how have I not blogged about this?!) suggested that I sign up to run the NH 10 Miler. I knew about it already… and laughed.

“Um… fuck no.”*

*friendly reminder that I do swear…

I had just begun training for my first half marathon and didn’t feel ready to run 10 miles at that point in my training plan. Besides, this particular race is hilly AF.


Well… I ate my words, because two years later I registered for it during a post-marathon slump (Disney Marathon was hard on my soul) figuring that it would give me something to look forward to.

I wasn’t completely wrong. Let’s fast forward to immediately after the race – I’m glad I did it!

But let’s rewind back again… training for a race that takes place in August is hard. It’s even harder when you work a full-time day job AND wait tables part time. Add the heat and humidity of NH summers, and, well… training was tough.


I didn’t feel nearly as prepared as I would’ve liked to be, but I also didn’t feel unprepared to the point where I would injure myself. So I ran the race.

Because this is a Millennium Running event, I have to pause for a moment to mention that, like all of the other races in the Millennium Running Series, it was executed flawlessly. They had a nice little runners’ village at the start/finish, plenty of snacks, water, and electrolytes. The DJ was fun to listen to. Plenty of port-a-potties. Friendly volunteers. I just can’t say enough good things about Millennium.

Anyway, the race itself… I knew I was doomed when I whipped my t-shirt off within the first mile. I even turned my trucker hat around hoping that the mesh back would let stray breezes caress my forehead. It was just so hot. Not that it takes much for me to get hot, but still. I just shouldn’t have bothered with a shirt.

And then the hills…


I won’t complain too much, simply because running on flat surfaces makes my entire body hurt, so I’ll take hills. Like it or not, hills are much better for me. I actually felt pretty decent. I kept my 3:1 intervals going for the majority of the race.

I had set a goal to finish this race in two hours.


I’ll take 2:01:09… honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better considering the hills, heat, and humidity.


Can we talk about the bling?

This is one hefty, kick-ass medal. I’m pretty damn proud of it!


9/10 recommend this race.


  • Beautiful, scenic course around Lake Massabesic
  • Well organized
  • Great race swag: awesome medal, and a t-shirt that said HILL YEAH
  • Availability of chocolate milk at the finish line


  • Late August race, so hot AF
  • Hilly AF
  • Popular race, so very crowded in the first few miles

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