{the spenga experience}

My first week here in Colorado I realized that working from home means so much flexibility (ie: shorter commute, wearing whatever I want to work!), but it also means SO MUCH solo time. Even though I don’t always love socializing (hey, I’m an introvert in the truest sense – I get my energy from alone time), I was feeling like a group workout would be a good way to get a little human interaction without forced conversation.

Plus, I could sweat.

I had been scrolling through Facebook and an ad for SPENGA showed up. Intrigued, I googled it (I never click on FB ads) and found it to be similar to Orange Theory Fitness (OTF), but different enough to make me want to try it.

Before I started running, I had a membership to OTF. It’s a 60min class with half of the time spent on a treadmill and the other half split between a rowing machine and doing body-weight exercises. I enjoyed it… until I started running outside, and then the treadmill just felt like torture and I couldn’t go back.

SPENGA is a similar format in the sense that you’re moving between stations, but it’s a mixture of 20min spin, 20min strength, and 20min of yoga.

I discovered last year that spin is a wonderful complementary exercise for running, and even a decent substitute when necessary. I also enjoy yoga, but find a full 60min class to be way too long, and strength training is just a necessary evil that I can barely handle unless someone is telling me what to do.

So… I called the SPENGA in Broomfield, CO and registered to take my first class, which was FREE, the following day. They asked me to arrive 20min early for a tour and paperwork and advised me to bring water and spin shoes or just regular sneakers.

I arrived 25min early, because that’s what I do. I was greeted, by name, by Tori. She started with the registration stuff, snapped my photo (they like to greet people by name, but she guessed I was me by seeing the NH license plates on my car – resourceful!) and then walked me through the front end of the facility, taking time to answer any questions I may have had. Then she handed me of to Sydney, the instructor.

Sydney briefly walked me through each section of the fitness room, starting with spin, then strength, then yoga, and back to spin to get me fitted for a bike. Approximately 10 people were in class that day, so it was a good-sized crowd without being overwhelming.

The spin session was… awesome! The music was great, Sydney’s cueing was perfectly-timed, and the fun lighting (dark with some green mood lighting) helped me feel both like a badass and able to hide when I started to feel tired.


Strength was a tabata-style workout of 20sec on, 10sec off. We did a lot of biceps and triceps, some chest, some cardio, and finally some legs. I noticed that as we were working, or “werking” in this space, Tori was cleaning up the equipment in the spin space. I don’t mind cleaning up after myself… but it was nice to not have to!


Yoga was interesting because we were already warmed up so we were able to jump right in. It was a easy flow sequence at a reasonable pace, ending with savasana (my favorite!). Sydney walked by with a towel that had essential oils on it, perhaps lavender?, and gently waved it over each person’s face to generate a gentle breeze with some scent.


All in all, I really enjoyed the workout. The 20min segments went so quickly, so I didn’t feel bored at any point. However, the 20min segments are just enough time to feel like I got a decent amount of work done.

I enjoyed the workout enough to sign up for a membership for 4 classes per month. I’m looking forward to seeing progress!

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