{memorial weekend brew run, walk and ruck with grist brewing}

After not dying on an afternoon run through the open space behind my apartment, I decided that I could probably survived a local 5k on Memorial Day weekend.

I did a bit of digging and found the Memorial Weekend Brew Run/Walk/Ruck with Grist Brewing in Highlands Ranch, CO. This event was put on by Rocky Mountain Brew Runs. It was approximately 4mi, unchipped, and very dog friendly.


I hadn’t run an untimed race in a very long time, so it was kind of nice to just get out there and go. Unchipped takes the pressure off to go fast, so I was able to admire the scenery of the mountains and take a bunch of pictures.


Although… observation: There’s no tree cover in Colorado, so it was hot as balls at 10:00am for this run. Holy cow! Even with the temps in the 60s, that sun is STRONG being a mile closer to it.


The run was through an open space, so we shared the trail, which was a mixture of crushed stone and pavement, with the locals.


Naturally, being a brew run, there was free beer at the end from Grist Brewing. I tried the Octo. According to their website, “The Octo is our lighter beer option, in case you need a couple in the middle of that 5k your friend signed you up for. With medium sweetness and low, pleasant bitterness, this ice cold cruiser is light, crisp and refreshing – something the entire family can enjoy!” As a non-beer drinker, I actually found the description to be very true to the beer and I drank the whole thing. Plus, I really liked the glass in came in!


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