OutsideCareers.org is a resource used to introduce students, career changers, veterans, and minorities to viable career paths in arboriculture. This website is used by tree care company owners and their hiring managers as a recruiting tool, and is used by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) as a public-facing resource to promote careers in arboriculture and the TCIA Arborist Apprenticeship Program.


Content is king | Working with freelancers | How to use goodwill to support your brand and community  The Reporter is a members-only monthly newsletter published by TCIA, and includes a marketing column. This column covers a range of marketing topics and results in 3-5 requests from members each month requesting marketing assistance.

Well-prepared graduates can turn unrealized potential into results is a piece written for the annual Workforce Development issue of TCI Magazine (May 2018), a monthly trade publication and the most widely read periodical in the tree care industry. This article is the employer complement to a blog post originally written for a student/recent graduate audience. The core content of this piece is largely applicable to any industry.

Recruiting: Another Way to Market Your Business is a piece written for the annual Workforce Development issue of TCI Magazine (May 2019).

Blogs/News Items

How Does Tree Care Compare to All-industry Safety? is an annual update on the progress of safety within the tree care industry and includes an infographic (created by me) with statistics supporting the value of having a Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) on the team.

12 Common Mistakes When Writing Website Content [and How to Avoid Them] is a piece I was contracted to write for a local B2B marketing agency for their blog. This piece was specifically written to be conversational in tone, educational, and targets marketing departments within technology companies.

How to Prepare for the Job and Internship Fair is one of a series of posts written to help prepare students studying arboriculture, forestry, and horticulture for an industry-specific career fair; however the content is largely applicable to any industry. GIFs were used to appeal to the age of the audience and inject humor.

Things We Heart – March 2018 – Trees on the Appalachian Trail is a post from the monthly “Things We Heart” series published on Tree Care Tips, a homeowner-focused blog managed by the Tree Care Industry Association. Topics are timely, and generally appeal to homeowners across the country. This particular post is dedicated to information about the trees hikers can expect to encounter along the Appalachian Trail, a 2,190-mile trail stretching from Georgia to Maine.

Case Studies

Robbie Manufacturing  is an innovative designer of flexible packaging in North America, purchased by Transcontinental, Inc., a Canadian company that was looking to strategically expand its business. Bigelow LLC facilitated the transfer of ownership between these two businesses. When the deal team closes the transaction, a short overview of the project is written to highlight the synergies and differences of the major players, as well as the outcome of the sale.


Careers in Arboriculture is a marketing piece used by the Tree Care Industry Association’s workforce development department to promote career paths in the arboricultural industry. This brochure is part of an evolving and growing integrated communications plan. It is distributed at multiple industry conferences each year, and has attracted the attention of tree care business and state chapters of the International Society of Arboriculture.

Executive Arborist Workshop is a new educational and networking program offered by TCIA to provide a more affordable counterpart to the annual Winter Management Conference. This flyer was part of an integrated marketing communications plan to promote the event to tree care business owners who are ready to grow their business. The budgeted plan for attendees was exceeded by 10% in its first year, and attracted attendees from across the country.

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